Strategic Marketing Analytics

Combined Major in Strategic Marketing Analytics

Strategic Marketing Analytics combines marketing and data analytics, two powerful majors that often intersect in the business environment.

What is Strategic Marketing Analytics?

As a strategic marketing analytics major, you will learn how to make sense of data driven information for your business clients. You’ll use data to operate more efficiently and optimize marketing strategies to identify trends and opportunities for your consumers. 

What You’ll Learn

Your strategic marketing analytics degree gives you a specialized set of skills to develop throughout the course of your undergraduate career at Merrimack. 

As a strategic marketing analytics major, you will:

  • study how data is used to better understand your customers and learn how to better reach them through marketing efforts.
  • become an expert at analyzing web traffic, social media engagement, online surveys and consumer behavior.
  • innovate and fuel your clients with statistical analysis of their current advertising strategies. 
  • explore tactics such as loyalty cards and reward campaigns and the intel they provide.
  • identify where companies and clients are missing the mark, and aid in their successful pivoting and execution of new strategies.

Career Options

What can you do with a strategic marketing analytics degree? Many students begin working full-time post-graduation in businesses, offices and the government in fields of finance, health care, pharmaceuticals and retail. Others enter graduate school to pursue a master’s degree.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of market research analysts is projected to grow 13 percent from 2022 to 2032, much faster than the average for all occupations.

Potential career paths for strategic marketing analytics majors upon graduation include:

  • Chief Data Officer
  • Marketing Manager

  • Digital Analysis

  • Market Research Analyst

  • Brand Manager

  • SEO Specialist

  • Operations Analyst

Combined Major Benefits

Dedicated Advising

You can expect to work with a dedicated advisor for both your academic and career needs throughout your college experience at Merrimack.

Combined Skills

By pursuing a combined major, students will have the opportunity to build multiple skill sets across a range of in-demand disciplines throughout their experience.

Affinity Group Status

Combined major students are given affinity group status, so you get access to specific resources across campus.

Guaranteed Internships

The O’Brien Center for Career Development and your career advisor will work to place you in a guaranteed internship, typically during junior year.

Courses You’ll Take

Graphic Design Major Curriculum

Graphic Design Major Requirements

General Education Requirements

In addition to the major requirements below, you will also need to complete Merrimack’s general education requirements.

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Sample Curriculum Guide

Wondering when you’ll take certain courses? Use the Curriculum Guide—a sample four-year schedule—to get a sense of what your path to graduation looks like.

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