Why Study World Languages and Cultural Studies?

A highly valued asset in today’s global workplace, second-language study provides students with opportunities and experiences that are not available to individuals who are proficient in only one language. 

Gaining competency in a second language exposes students to systems of thought and expression different from their own, introducing them to new ideas, customs, habits and values. Moreover, in the process of acquiring a second language, students develop the ability and sensitivity to see their own set of cultural norms from an entirely new perspective, thus broadening their view of the world and appreciation of differences.

photo of student looking at european architecture.

Why Merrimack?

  • Our interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to broaden your cultural horizons, enhance your intellectual flexibility and increase your adaptability in the context of an ever-changing global workplace.
  • Our language courses are structured to strengthen your linguistic skills and expand your understanding of the world.
  • Our faculty are committed to fostering multiple connections among language, culture and their applications to other disciplines.