Fulbright FLTA Program

Fulbright FLTAs are graduate students from various countries who come to Merrimack to teach foreign languages and take courses for an entire academic year. They live on campus, organize cultural activities, hold “language tables” and teach foreign language classes at various levels.

Language Placement Exam

An online test to help determine the appropriate placement for world languages students.

Spanish Out-of-Class Requirement

The Spanish program requires our students to meaningfully engage with the Spanish language and its cultures outside of the classroom.

Study Abroad

The department of world languages and cultural studies is actively involved in a variety of short- and long-term study-abroad programs available to our students, and serves as a center for advice and assistance to students who wish to study abroad.

Transfer Credits

Information about transferring Advancement Placement, College Level Examination Program and other high-school credit.


Visit the online course catalog for information about program and course requirements for all majors and minors.