B.S. in Biology

B.S. Biology Major

Our Bachelor of Science in biology curriculum is designed to provide you with a strong science foundation, with depth in life science, and multidisciplinary support in chemistry, physics and mathematics.

What You’ll Learn

Biology is the core life science program. We provide a comprehensive, interdisciplinary education offering courses in cellular and molecular biology, biotechnology, genetics, physiology, organismal biology, animal behavior, plant biology and physiology, ecology and evolution.

Hands-On Learning

Our curriculum emphasizes experiential learning where you learn by doing. Opportunities include:

We also have a long-term partnership with Pfizer where our students may work alongside world class scientists who are developing innovative, cutting edge solutions to today’s problems. Students have worked in the Pharmacokinetics, Dynamics, and Metabolism arm of the company and some have researched engineering cells to create purified proteins for therapeutic purposes.

Career Options

Our biology degree prepares you to enter numerous career paths.  Some of our graduates have worked in the following positions:

  • Analyst, Charles River Laboratories
  • Bacteriologist, Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • Medical Technologist, Quest Diagnostics
  • Middle School Science Teacher, Arlington, MA
  • Political Director, Massachusetts Republican Committee 
  • Product Manager, Agilent Technologies
  • Research Coordinator, Saudi Ministry of Health, Riyadh
  • Senior Imaging Core Technician, Wyss Institute, Harvard University
  • Senior Program Manager, Genzyme 
  • Senior Scientist, Pfizer, Inc.

Biology also prepares you to enter graduate school. Many of our graduates have moved on to professional programs in the health professions and are doctors, dentists, veterinarians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and pharmacists. We are committed to advising you if you are interested in pursuing graduate school and also partner with the O’Brien Center for Career Development.


B.S. Biology Major Requirements

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