Welcome from the Chair

Dear Current and Prospective Students,

Welcome to the department of biology at Merrimack College. What a great time to study to become a biologist!

In our small, hands-on classes, we get to know you, and through our integrated curriculum, we challenge you to read, write, talk about, think critically about and, most importantly, do biological science. 

Merrimack offers you a wide range of options in your pursuit of becoming a biologist. We provide you with options to explore molecular/cell biology, gene discovery, bioinformatics, molecular modeling, and drug design and synthesis, readying you for careers in the Boston “Gene Town” biotechnology industry, graduate programs and beyond.

You have the option of pursuing an integrative biology focus that will prepare you for more medically oriented careers — as a physician, dentist, veterinarian, physician’s assistant, nurse or pharmacist, to name a few — by giving you wide experience in physiology, biochemistry, development/reproduction, immunology and more. 

We also offer students the opportunity to explore applied ecology, evolution and behavioral biology giving you hands-on and both lab and field-based experiences in ecology, wetlands, global field studies, animal behavior, marine biology and conservation and restoration biology. 

You also have the option to explore molecular and cellular biology and biotechnology or even customize your own program of study.  Our faculty and staff are devoted to your individual development as scholars, biologists, scientists, professionals and citizens. 

For more information, explore this website, visit our Facebook page, check out our Instagram feed or drop by our offices, and we will personally show you what we have to offer.

R. David MacLaren Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Biology