Program Director and Instructional Professor
Research Summary

Dr. Sheets was trained as a Physicist, but has worked for many years as an applied Data Scientist, working in a wide variety of collaborative, interdisciplinary teams to address a variety of questions. He has published scientific works in biology, entomology, forensics, paleobiology, physics, anthropology and art conservation. He is a co-author of a leading textbook in Geometric Morphometrics,  a set of methods for carrying out hypothesis testing based on the shapes of non-human organisms. His current work focuses on approaches to measuring the performance characteristics of forensic firearms and handwriting examiners, and on data science approaches to the analysis of surface textures on art objects.

  • B.S., Physics, SUNY College at Fredonia, Fredonia, NY.
  • Ph.D., Physics, University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
Recent Publications
  • Warren, E. M., & Sheets, H. D. (2023). The inconclusive category, entropy, and forensic firearm identification. Forensic science international, 349, 111741.
  • Coffroth, M. A., Leigh, N. J., McIlroy, S. E., Miller, M. W., & Sheets, H. D. (2022). Genetic structure of dinoflagellate symbionts in coral recruits differs from that of parental or local adults. Ecology and Evolution12(9), e9312.
  • Sheets, H. D., Ravines, P., & Webb, M. (2021, June). Surface Metrology and Data Science/Analytics Applied to Modern Asian Lacquer Surfaces. In Archiving Conference (Vol. 18, pp. 71-75). Society for Imaging Science and Technology.
  • Taylor, M., Bird, C., Bishop, B., Burkes, T., Caligiuri, M. P., Found, B., … & Will, E. J. (2020). Forensic handwriting examination and human factors: Improving the practice through a systems approach.
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  • Sheets, H. D., Mitchell, C. E., Melchin, M. J., Loxton, J., Štorch, P., Carlucci, K. L., & Hawkins, A. D. (2016). Graptolite community responses to global climate change and the Late Ordovician mass extinction. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113(30), 8380-8385.
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