Academic Title

Chair, Accounting, Economics & Finance Division & Associate Professor, Finance

Research Interests
  • Hedge Funds
  • Mutual Funds
Research Summary

My research focuses on the ownership and organization structures of mutual fund companies. I investigate the agency conflicts when portfolio managers manage mutual fund, hedge fund, and separated management accounts side by side. I also look at the board of governance, contracting mechanisms and constraints on portfolio managers. The extent of my research work and findings have helped mitigate problems in the asset management industry by providing governmental regulators such as the Securities and Exchange Commission with new insights in regulating the money management industry. My research findings are critical in helping the banking and mutual fund industry in shaping any future re-regulations proposed by the SEC. The work is prominent in that it has affected thousands of investors who are vulnerable when dealing with inferior fund performance and fee hikes from those financial conglomerates and diversified mutual fund companies.

  • Ph.D., Finance, Louisiana State University
  • M.S.F., Finance, Boston College
  • M.B.A., Finance, Arizona State University
Areas of Expertise
  • Agency Conflicts
Recent Publications

“In Search for Managerial Skills Beyond Common Performance Measures,” 2018, Journal of Banking and Finance, 86, 224-239, with P.W. Sun, B. Yu, M. Qian.

“Tailor-made Versus Mass Production: Portfolio Managers Concurrently Manage Separately Managed Accounts and Open-end Mutual Funds,” 2017, Financial Review, 52 (4), 531-561 with Li-Wen Chen, Hardy Johnson and Sabuhi Sardarli.

Honors and Awards
  • Outstanding Paper Award, Southern Finance Association, 2012.
  • Outstanding Paper Award, Southern Finance Association, 2010.