Academic Title

Associate Professor, Nutrition and Public Health

Research Interests
  • Geriatric Exercise Programming
  • Geriatric Nutrition
  • Nutrient Metabolism
  • Sports Nutrition
Research Summary

My research interests are broadly defined as determining effective lifestyle strategies for athletes and older adults — two populations that appear quite different, yet have unique metabolic and physiological needs. Along with this, I am also interested in assessing the feasibility of these strategies and whether they can be realistically applied in a particular setting. Specifically, I am very interested in: both determining optimum nutrition and hydration strategies for athletes of all levels who engaged in intense and prolonged exercise training and determining the dose-response relationship between exercise and physical function for mobility-limited older adults.

  • Ph.D., Cellular and Molecular Nutrition, Tufts University
  • B.S., Biology, Saint Bonaventure University
Areas of Expertise
  • Geriatric Exercise Programming
  • Sports Nutrition
Recent Publications

Select Recent Publications (2015 and later)

Corcoran, M., Ayotte, D. Individualized hydration plans for ultra-distance endurance athletes. ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal. 23(4):27-31, July/August 2019.

Ayotte, D., Corcoran, M. “Individualized hydration plans improve performance outcomes for collegiate athletes engaging in in-season training.” Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, Volume 15, Number 27. Recently Published (June 4, 2018).

Corcoran MP, Chui KH, Reid KF, Kirn D, Fielding RA, Nelson ME, Sacheck JM, Folta SC. “Efficacy of an Exercise and Nutritional Supplement Program on Physical Performance and Nutritional Status in Older Adults With Mobility Limitations Living in Senior Housing.” J Aging Phys Act, Volume 25, pages 453-463, 2017.

Corcoran MP, Chui KH, White DK, Reid KF, Kirn D, Nelson ME, Sacheck JM, Folta SC, Fielding RA. “Accelerometer Assessment of Physical Activity and Its Association With Physical Function in Older Adults Residing at Assisted Care Facilities.” J Nutr Health Aging, Volume 20, Number 7, pages 752-758, 2016. Link: 10.1007/s12603-015-0640-7.

Corcoran MP, Nelson ME, Sacheck JM, Reid KF, Kirn D, Fielding RA, Folta SC. “Recruitment of Mobility-Limited Older Adults Into a Facility-led Exercise-Nutrition Study: The Effect of Social Involvement.” The Gerontologist, Volume 56, Number 4, pages 669-676, 2016. Link: 10.1093/geront/gnv018.

Yan Z, Finn K, Corcoran M. “Using Peer Education to Promote Balance, Fitness and Physical Activity Among Individuals With Intellectual Disabilities.” American Journal of Health Studies, Volume 30, Number 4, pages 180-186, 2015.

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