Academic Title

Assistant Professor, Human Development and Human Services

Research Interests
  • Aging
  • Cognitive Aging
  • Physical Functioning
  • Intergenerational Programs
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Ph.D., Psychology, Boston University
  • M.A., Psychology, Boston University
  • B.S., Psychology, Bridgewater State University
Recent Publications

Garduno, A.C., Laughlin, G.A., Bergstrom, J., Tu, X.M., Cummins, K.M., Franz, C.E., Elman, J.A., Lyons, M.J., Reynolds, C.A., Neale, M.C., Gillespie, N.A., Xian, H., McKenzie, R.E., Toomey, R., Kremen, W.S., Panizzon, M.S., & McEvoy, L.K. (2022). Alcohol use and cognitive aging in middle-aged men: The Vietnam Era Twin Study of Aging. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society:JINS, 1–11. Advance online publication.

Eglit, G.M.L, Elman, J.A., Panizzon, M.S., Sanderson-Cimino, M., Williams, M.E., Dale, A.M., Eyeler, L.T., Fennema-Notestine, C., Gillespie, N.A., Gustavson, D.E., Hatton, S.N., Hagler, D.J., Hauger, R.L., Jak, A.J., Logue, M.W., McEvoy, L.K., McKenzie, R.E., Neale, M.C., Puckett, O., Reynolds, C.A., Toomey, R, Xin, M.T., Whitsel, N., Xian, H., Lyons, M.J., Franz, C.E., & Kremen, W.S. (2022) Paradoxical cognitive trajectories in men from earlier to later adulthood. Neurobiology of Aging (109), p. 229-238,

Whitsel, N., Reynolds, C.A., Buchholz, E.J., Pahlen, S., Pearce, R.C., Hatton, S.N., Elman, J.A., Gillespie, N.A., Gustavson, D.E., Puckett, O.K., Dale, A.M., Eyler, L.T., Fennema-Notestine, C., Hagler, D.J., Jr, Hauger, R.L., McEvoy, L.K., McKenzie, R., Neale, M.C., Panizzon, M. S., Sanderson-Cimino, M.,Toomey, R., Tu, X.M., Williams, M.K.E., Bell, T., Xian, H., Lyons, M.J., Kremen, W.S., & Franz, C.E. (2021). Long-term associations of cigarette smoking in early mid-life with predicted brain aging from mid- to late life. Addiction

Franz, C.E., Hatton, S.N., Elman, J.A., Warren, T., Gillespie, N.A., Whitsel, N.A., Puckett, O.K., Dale, A.M., Eyler, L.T., Fennema-Notestine, C., Hagler, D.J., Jr, Hauger, R.L., McKenzie, R., Neale, M.C., Panizzon, M.S., Pearce, R.C., Reynolds, C.A., Sanderson-Cimino, M., Toomey, R., Tu, X.M., Williams, M., Xian, H., Lyons, M.J., & Kremen, W.S. (2021). Lifestyle and the aging brain: interactive effects of modifiable lifestyle behaviors and cognitive ability in men from midlife to old age. Neurobiology of Aging, 108, 80–89.

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