Academic Title

Vice Provost, Faculty Development; Associate Dean, Winston School of Education & Social Policy; Professor, Higher Education; Interim Chair, Applied Human Development and Community Studies

Additional Title

Professor, Higher Education
Program Director and Chair, Higher Education

Research Interests
  • Access and Engagement in Higher Education
  • Critical Theories and Methods
  • Feminist Praxis in Higher Education
  • History of Higher Education
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • LGBTQ Studies
Research Summary

My research broadly seeks to answer the question: How are institutions of higher education transformed, and how can feminist praxis queer methods contribute to this transformation? I use qualitative, critical methods to explore questions of access and agency for people of minoritized genders, and to consider ways that feminist and queer methods, praxis and agency can be used to solve pressing problems of exclusion and disempowerment. I especially seek to respond to urgent crises in higher education, including the ongoing scourge of sexual harassment and violence; the lack of full inclusion of trans* and nonbinary individuals and the need for creation of more inclusive and accessible campus environments for nontraditional college students. I am deeply dedicated to critical analysis of existing practices, power structures and barriers to full flourishing of those historically underserved in U.S. higher education. I am equally concerned with how oppressive structures can be most effectively dismantled and re-visioned for the betterment of college and university communities and to advance the as of yet unfulfilled promise of higher education in this democracy.

  • Ph.D.Higher Education, Boston College
  • M.A.College Student Personnel, Bowling Green State University
  • B.A.Philosophy Transylvania University
Areas of Expertise
  • Feminist Praxis in Higher Education
  • Institutional Transformation
  • LGBTQ+ Inclusion and Access
  • Nontraditional Student Access and Engagement
Recent Publications

Marine, S.B. and Lewis, R (forthcoming). “Mutuality Without Alliance: The Roles of Community in Becoming a College Student Feminist.” Gender and Education. Accepted May 2017.

Marine, S.B. and Nicolazzo, Z. (forthcoming). “Campus Sexual Violence Prevention Educators’ Use of Gender in Their Work: A Critical Exploration.” Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Accepted June 2017.

Martínez Alemán, A. M and Marine, S. B. (2017, forthcoming). “Women Faculty, Professional Identity, and Generational Disposition.” Review of Higher Education. Accepted November 2016.

Lewis, R., Marine, S.B., and Kenney, K. (2016). “‘I Get Together With My Friends and Try to Change It’: Young Feminist Students Resist ‘Laddism,’ ‘Rape Culture’ and ‘Everyday Sexism.” Journal of Gender Studies, 25, Pp. 1-17. doi:

Marine, S., Helfrich, G., and Randawhal, L. (2017). “Gender Inclusion in Campus Women’s and Gender Centers: Benefits, Challenges, and Future Prospects.” Journal About Women in Higher Education.

Nicolazzo, Z. and Marine, S.B. (2016). “Teaching the History of U.S. Higher Education: A Critical Duoethnography.” Journal of The Study of Post-Secondary and Tertiary Education, 1, 215-232.

Nicolazzo, Z and Marine, S.B. (2015). “It Will Change If People Keep Talking: Trans* Students in College and University Housing.” Journal of College and University Student Housing, 42(1), 160-178.

Lewis, R. and Marine, S. (2015). Weaving a Tapestry, Compassionately: Toward an Understanding of Young Women’s Feminisms.” Feminist Formations: The Journal of the National Women’s Studies Association, 27(1), 118-140.

Marine, S. and Nicolazzo, Z. (2014). “Names That Matter: Exploring the Tensions of LGBT Centers and Trans* Inclusion.” Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, 7 (4), 265-281.

Marine, S. and Lewis, R. (2014). “I’m in This for Real”: Revisiting Young Women’s Feminism.” Women’s Studies International Forum, 47, 11-22.

Honors and Awards
  • Women’s Leadership Award, Harvard University, 2017.
  • Outstanding Accomplishment Award, National Women’s Studies Association, 2009.
  • Mary Kinnane Award for Outstanding Doctoral Student, Boston College.