Hometown: Rochester, NY
Major: Business Administration & Communication and Media
Favorite thing about Merrimack: My favorite thing about Merrimack is the people and community that you are surrounded with. Merrimack makes it a point and puts in effort to bring students together through different events, classes, etc. No matter where you are on campus you will be greeted by smiling faces of both students and staff that will welcome you to the Merrimack community!
Why did you choose Merrimack: I chose Merrimack because of the feeling I got when I first came onto campus. It was a feeling of home and comfort. Due to the pandemic I was not able to visit campus before committing so I was very nervous about making this large decision. When I was finally able to visit Merrimack I was nervous and then felt the stress wash away as I was welcomed by all of the students and staff. Being 6 hours away from home I wanted to go to a school where I felt comfortable, and Merrimack has gone above and beyond to make it feel like a home away from home.