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How do I Choose an Application Deadline?!

With so many application deadlines to choose from, you may be wondering what they all mean and why they’re so different. We’re here to help break down the admission process to find a path that’s right for you.

Early Decision: November 15

This option is perfect if Merrimack is your #1 choice and you know wholeheartedly that it’s the right place for you. This decision is binding, which means you sign an agreement saying you will enroll here if admitted. You can still apply to other schools but only one Early Decision application can be active at all times. If admitted to Merrimack, all other applications must be withdrawn. Early Decision applications are due November 15 and decisions are released mid-December. Deposits are due January 15.

Pros: earliest decision notification, locked in early, less stress later
Cons: very little wiggle room if you change your mind

Early Action: November 15

This option may be for you if you want your decision as soon as possible but you’re still considering more than one school. This decision is non-binding, which means you can apply Early Action to as many schools as you want without any commitments. This application plan allows you time to attend admitted student events before your deposit is due on May 1. The Early Action deadline at Merrimack is November 15, with admission decisions going out mid-December.  

Pros: keeps your options open, gives you more time to consider your offers
Cons: EA deadlines vary across the board; some earlier, some later

Rolling Admission: August 1

This option may be for you if you simply need more time: more time to explore, more time to get your grades up, more time to figure things out, or whatever the case may be. Many students feel rushed to apply as soon as possible out of fear that aid will run out or there won’t be any space left in the class – but that’s simply not true at Merrimack! If admitted, your deposit deadline will also be rolling to correspond with when you applied.

Pros: flexibility, more time to put your best foot forward
Cons: latest decision notification, potentially miss out on some events

Remember: every college is different, and it’s important to know your options and choose the deadline that’s right for you for each school you’re applying to. Try creating a calendar of important dates and setting reminders for yourself along the way to help stay on track.

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