Casey Stevenson '24

Casey Stevenson

Communication and Media, Class of 2024

“It was the Honors Program, with all its benefits and resources, that sold me on Merrimack College. The program is so extensive compared to ones I saw at other colleges. Dr. Cavallaro, Dr. McWhorter, and Shannon Beard have been such a wonderful support system for me.”

“The Honors Program, and Merrimack as a whole, through their support and advocacy of their students, taught me how a strong community can support each other. When I initially got accepted into the Disney College Program, I initially declined it. I felt it wasn’t feasible with me being a second semester sophomore, the financial side, commitments to student organizations and a desire to graduate on time – and I regretted it.”

“When I then got the opportunity to reverse my decision a month later, I began talking to people at Merrimack. And I am still blown away by how supportive everyone was. Dr. McWhorter and Dr. Cavallaro eased my worries about getting back into Honors Housing. My academic advisor helped me sign up for asynchronous virtual classes to keep my graduation on track, financial aid made sure my scholarships remained intact, and my friends in my clubs and organizations couldn’t have been more supportive of my dreams. I wouldn’t have been able to go pursue my dream internship without their support.”