Communication & Media Student and Alumni Profiles

Communication & Media Student and Alumni Spotlights

Meet some of our communication & media students and alumni and learn how Merrimack College’s communication program has equipped them with the skills they need for a successful career.

Communication Student Profiles

Communication and Media
Wilmington Community TV

“My internship gave me a glimpse into how a studio is run on a small scale of course but also showed me a general timeline and what it’s like to provide for a client.”

Communication and Media, Class of 2025

“Merrimack pride means showing up for fellow Warriors in all kinds of settings — at our athletic games, campus events, in the classroom, and even in casual social interactions.”

Communication and Media, Class of 2026

I chose to attend Merrimack because I noticed that everybody got along with each other. When I took a tour for the first time, I would always see people walking to class together and I always saw people with a smile on their face all the time. It just seemed like such a great community to be apart of.”

Communication and Media, Class of 2024

“It was the Honors Program, with all its benefits and resources, that sold me on Merrimack College. The program is so extensive compared to ones I saw at other colleges. Dr. Cavallaro, Dr. McWhorter, and Shannon Beard have been such a wonderful support system for me.”

Communication Alumni Profiles

Communication and Media
Office Manager & Administrative Assistant
Crackerjack Communications

Merrimack instantly felt like home when I visited. I had this gut feeling that I would succeed and thrive at Merrimack and I am really glad I listened to my gut.”

B.A., Communication and Media, 2018
Marketing & Sales Operations Specialist
iCorps Technologies

“Being an active member of Merrimack’s Film Club helped me develop my video skills, which were critical in landing my original video internship at iCorps Technologies.”

B.A., Communication and Media, 2018
Digital Video Sponsorship Coordinator
New England Sports Network

“Working at The Beacon and WMCK taught me the important writing and editing skills I need every day to do my job and helped get my foot in the door in the sports industry as a whole.”

Communication and Media

I chose Merrimack because of its close-knit community. The second I stepped onto campus for my tour, I was greeted with smiling & welcoming faces. I just loved the atmosphere of the campus & how wherever you went, everybody knew each other.”

M.A., Communication and Media, 2022, B.A., Communication and Media, 2020
Communications Graduate Assistant
Boston Bruins

You hear it a million times from people in the Merrimack Community, but it very quickly felt like home to me. The size of the campus and how you could see the school constantly improving was really appealing to me.”

B.A., Communication and Media, 2017
Senior Public Relations & Social Media Manager
Connelly Partners

“My leadership roles at The Beacon, Merrimack’s student newspaper, truly prepared me for my career path ahead. I had to learn how to multitask my school work with editing for the paper, managing a team and how to stay organized.”