Film Studies Minor

Minor in Film Studies

The film studies minor at Merrimack College provides a unique perspective on film from a constellation of fields and disciplines within the School of Arts & Sciences.

This minor will equip you with the tools to analyze the formal aspects of cinema, as well as its broader social, cultural and historical significance. You will also have the opportunity to learn film and video production techniques.

The minor is intended for students who’d like to deepen their understand of film history, analysis, video production and editing. It can lead to opportunities in filmmaking, directing, editing, film criticism and provide you with the background necessary to pursue graduate studies.

Film Club

This student-run club gives you new opportunities to use film as an artistic medium for individual expression, while creating new networks of colleagues and friends. We typically sponsor screenings and lectures during the academic year, as well as an on-campus film festival during the spring semester.

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Courses You’ll Take

Film Studies Minor Curriculum