Celine Mercedes '26

Celina Mercedes

B.A., Biology, and B.S., Criminology & Criminal Justice, 2026

The program has provided me with a unique and enriching experience, challenging me to explore subjects more deeply and encouraging critical thinking. The small, interactive classes have fostered a sense of community and intellectual engagement among fellow students and professors. Beyond academics, the Honors Program has supported me by offering mentorship, academic resources, and opportunities for extracurricular involvement. It’s not just a program; it’s been a supportive community that has shaped my growth, both academically and personally, making my Merrimack journey truly distinctive.”

What I love most about the Honors program is the genuine support and encouragement from professors and peers alike. They’re always willing to go the extra mile to help me grow academically and personally. Whether it’s through mentorship, providing extra resources, or simply being there to listen, the professors and other students in the program create an environment where I feel empowered to reach my full potential.”

“Throughout my time at Merrimack, the Honors Program has been like a guiding thread woven into my academic journey. The Honors living learning community has been a lifesaver during my transition into college. Sharing with other honors students has made it easy to make friends and find support academically and socially. Plus, having access to resources and events right where I live has been super convenient.”