Erick Tung

Erick Tung

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, 2019, Concentration in Engineering Management

Personal Relationships Matter

After graduating with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Merrimack, Erick now works as a Systems Engineer II at Raytheon.

He says he chose the program because he wanted to further his knowledge and get a different perspective on the industry. “I know that the management and design skills I’ve learned at Merrimack will help me in the future.  My concentration in Engineering Management will help me achieve my goals because I understand how a company works and how to make it more efficient.”

“I went back to school because I knew that having a master’s degree would help me in the long run in progressing my career. Getting your master’s is definitely worth it as it increases your potential for greater opportunity.”

Dedicated Professors

I like Merrimack’s close knit community where the faculty really cares about the students. The professors treat students as individuals rather than just another student.

All the professors are great, but one professor that stands out to me is Dr. Caldwell for his dedication to his students.  I remember one time, Dr. Caldwell stayed past midnight helping students finish up their projects which were due the next day.

I saw him as dedicated and committed to the success of his students.  This stood out to me because I was surprised to see him continue to stay so late with us. As a current student, the faculty does feel accessible to me.  They are always in their office with an open door or they can be easily reached through email.