Joseph Privitera

Joseph Privitera

M.S., Civil Engineering, 2019

A Focus on Accelerating Career Development

Joseph Privitera is a structural engineer at Hudson Design Group, LLC in North Andover, MA. While pursuing a master’s degree in civil engineering program at Merrimack, he continued to work full-time in his role, which includes creating structural analysis reports, designing new projects, and training new employees. He began his tenure as an undergraduate intern in January 2018 and was hired after he received his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Merrimack in 2018.

One of Privitera’s short-term goals includes earning a Professional Engineer License. He hopes to continue learning on the job and someday step into a managerial role.

“After much research and communication with my professors and co-workers over the years, it was clear that a master’s degree could help increase my potential and put me in the best position to have a successful future. I viewed a master’s degree as a way to help me accelerate career development and enhancement.”

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due 

The rigorous coursework Joseph pursued during his undergraduate and graduate years at Merrimack helped him develop technical and problem-solving skills, in addition to creative, interpersonal, and communication skills, he said.

He particularly credits three Merrimack civil engineering professors for his success: James Kaklamanos, Marc Veletzos, and Cynthia Carlson.

“These three professors are not only some of the most intelligent individuals that I have ever met, but they truly want to help their students succeed in any way imaginable,” Privitera said. “Their courses are extremely demanding, but incredibly rewarding. They always have their doors open to help students with class or life-related questions. I will stay in touch with them for life.”

“I absolutely loved my time at Merrimack College. I enjoyed incredible moments and met many remarkable individuals along the way that are family for life.”