Ambrose Society

Ambrose Society

Designed for upperclassmen of the Austin Scholars program, the Ambrose Society deepens your experience as an Austin Scholar by engaging you in leadership roles within service and across campus.

Leadership Across Campus

The name Ambrose comes from St. Ambrose, who was a significant role model and mentor for St. Augustine, from which is derived the name, Austin. The Ambrose Society takes its inspiration from St. Ambrose to provide mentorship and leadership across campus, especially to first-year students in the Austin Scholars program.

Service Opportunities

Ambrose Society members engage in many types of service, including roles as:
  • Peer mentors
  • Teaching assistants
  • Resident advisors
  • Eboard leaders
  • Campus ministers
The Ambrose Society emphasizes the role of leadership and prepares you for lifelong service no matter what profession you pursue. You are encouraged to explore your professional goals with practicums and internships.

Where You Live

Members of the Ambrose Society are not required to live in the Austin Scholars community, though some choose to do so. If you choose to live elsewhere, you are expected to bring the Austin Scholar spirit of community wherever you live.

Formation Events

Formation events throughout the year bring together students for reflection. These events include retreats in the White Mountains, Sunday dinners, professional development and leadership workshops, and much more. Formation events foster personal growth, relationship building and vocational awareness.