Prompt and Professional Attention

The Procurement Department is responsible for  purchasing all goods and services for Merrimack College departments. 

The office also provides advisory and consultative services in the areas of product studies, product evaluations and negotiations of procurement contracts, bulk purchases, user/vendor mediation and training.

Safeguards are in place to ensure we offer timely purchases of goods and services of high quality at lower costs. We have formal bidding procedures in place, mandated by the board of trustees and supported by our outside auditing firm.


The centralized purchasing function has many advantages for Merrimack, including:

  • Uniformity in purchasing policies and procedures and their interpretation.
  • Grouping of requirements for larger volume discounts.
  • Formalization of contracts.
  • Continuity of supply.
  • Extensive vendor/information base.
  • Standardization of products and an overall maximization of each dollar spent.

Centralized purchasing gives us the ability to view the entire picture and make sure our purchases reflect current economic/social conditions and trends.


Employees can visit myMack to access important forms, policies and information on purchasing at the college.

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions (pdf)