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Welcome to the Merrimack College Procurement Department

Below, you will find information that will hopefully make your purchasing experience at Merrimack College as user friendly as possible. Please explore the resources available to you and contact us if you have any questions.

Employees of Merrimack College can go to mymack to access important forms, policies, and information on purchasing at Merrimack College.

Procurement Department Mission Statement

The Procurement Department at Merrimack College is responsible for the purchasing of all goods and services required by all departments of the College. The Procurement Department provides prompt and professional attention to all departmental needs.

Our mission is to provide advisory and consultative services in the areas of product studies, product evaluations, and negotiations of procurement contracts, bulk purchases, user/vendor mediation and training. We remain cognizant of the benefits to be gained by providing a procurement system that is dynamic, responsive and efficient.

Adequate safeguards are provided to insure that the best interest of Merrimack College will be served by timely purchases of goods and services of high quality at least costs. There are formal bidding procedures in place, mandated by the college’s board of trustees, and supported by our outside auditing firm. The formal bidding procedures are closely adhered to on all purchases.

The Director of Procurement has final authority on the commitment of any of the College’s funds, regardless of source. Any unauthorized individual committing College funds does so at his or her own financial risk. The Director has the ultimate decision to waive any of the formalities in the bidding process; grant exceptions based on appropriate back-up supplied, or approve sole source purchases. It is our intent to promote the practice of requesting competitive quotations in order to keep costs at a minimum and give interested vendors an equal opportunity to supply goods and services to the college.

The centralized purchasing function has many advantages for a campus and population the size of Merrimack College. It assures uniformity in purchasing policies and procedures and the interpretation thereof. It enables grouping of requirements for larger volume discounts, formalization of contracts, continuity of supply, extensive vendor/information base, standardization of products and an overall maximization of each dollar spent. Centralized purchasing gives us the ability to view the entire picture, to insure that our purchases reflect current economic/social conditions and trends.

The Procurement Department reports directly to the Vice President of Finance & CFO and consists of the Director of Procurement and one support staff. We belong to the National Association of Educational Buyers New England and subscribe to their code of ethics.