Posting and Advertising Policy

Advertising at the Center

The Campus Services Office manages the appearance of the Sakowich Campus Center. We reserve the right to remove all postings that do not comply with Merrimack’s standards, fire code regulations and the overall look and use of the center.


  • All flyers must be stamped, dated, and signed by either the Office of Student Involvement or Campus Services. Once flyers are stamped, the Building Manager will post the flyers.
  • All flyers must use clear push pins to post on bulletin boards.
  • Only five flyers will be accepted.
  • Flyers will remain on the boards for a one month period or one day after the event has passed, whichever date comes first.
  • Posting board locations in the center:
    • first floor locations:
      • across from the fireplace lounge
      • in The Warriors’ Den
      • at the entrance to Sparky’s Place
    • second floor locations:
      • next to the post office
      • located in Suite A
  • Building Managers will take down outdated or unapproved signs.
  • Do not hang postings in restrooms or on doors, windows or other glass surfaces, with the exception of department office spaces.
  • Postings will removed if they are placed on the glass doors, or any other walls and spaces throughout the building not approved as “posting zones.”
  • Individual departments and organizations with designated posting areas will determine what is displayed on their department’s board.  The area should maintain an updated look and be used for primary posting purposes.


  • All banners must be stamped, dated, and signed by Campus Services. Once posters/banners are stamped, the Building Manager will hang the poster or banner.
  • Posters and banners will remain in place for two weeks. We will use discretion on the total length of posting time.
  • Posters are not to exceed six feet in length. All posters must have correct spelling, look professional and have cleanly-cut edges. For larger poster requests, please contact Campus Services.
  • Posters and banners may only be hung in the stairwell from the fireplace lounge to the recreation center. After the event passes Campus Services will dispose of the sign unless a request its return is made ahead of time.

“Main Street” Table Posting

  • Once tables have been reserved through the reservation process, posters may be hung during reservation’s time period.
  • Posters on Main Street will reflect the tables reserved on Main Street for that week only.
  • All posters hung behind Main Street tables must comply with the standards listed in the banners section above.
  • You must use blue tape to hang banners (available at Information Center).

Large Sign Holders

  • These are used to promote events and provide information in the campus center.
  • Sign holders can be reserved at the Information Center for a one week period.
  • No more than two sign holders can be requested by one client at a time.
  • We reserve the right to use the sign holders for event postings and event directions.
  • Sign holders must be at least 15 feet away from the elevators with elevators buttons unobstructed.

Information Center /Fitness Center

  • The Information Center will advertise and assist in recruiting for events, activities and jobs across campus.
  • A maximum of two “nomination boxes” will be allowed at the Information Center.
    • It is the responsibility of the requesting office to drop off and pick up the box at the beginning and end of the reserved dates.
  • Information Center holders will be provided on a first come, first serve basis starting on the Monday of each week.
    • Four advertising holders will be available at the Information Center
    • All flyers/materials will be placed in appropriate holders and will remain at the desk for a one week period only.
      • After one week the items will be interoffice-mailed back to the department.
      • It is the responsibility of each office to check on the availability of these advertising locations on a weekly basis.

Electronic Signage

  • Flyers for the digital sign at the Information Center must be submitted to the Manager of Campus Services.
  • Electronic flyers will be displayed for one month or until the day of the event (whichever comes first).
  • Electronic flyers should be in 16:9 in size and in either PDF or PNG format (please note, JPEG format is not compatible with the digital sign board).