International Studies

Why Learn About International Studies?

Merrimack’s interdisciplinary international studies program will provide you with knowledge of the political, social, economic and historical forces that have shaped the world in which we live today.

As an international studies major, you’ll develop your cross-cultural understanding and learn to interact effectively with others in our increasingly complex and diverse global community.

You’ll be prepared for graduate school and careers in government, international business, law, media, education, non-governmental organizations and many other fields.

London, England.

Why Merrimack?

  • A diverse and flexible curriculum offers the chance to learn about different global issues and perspectives.
  • Internships and study abroad opportunities provide valuable field experience before you graduate.  
  • Foreign language skills give you an advantage in a competitive job market or graduate school.
  • Opportunities to minor in international studies or related fields like economics or political science help you create synergy in your studies and stand out in the job market.