Mendel Observatory

Mendel Observatory at Merrimack College

The Mendel Observatory, on the top floor of Palmisano Hall, houses an Optical Guidance Systems 20-inch Ritchey-Cretien reflector and a number of electronic imaging systems.

About Us

Location: Fourth floor, Laurence J. and Roberta M. Palmisano Hall at Merrimack College
Public Access: Every clear Wednesday evening. Advance registration is required – Sign Up Now
Merrimack Community Access: Weekday nights, weather permitting.
Research Group: Merrimack College Astronomical Research Group 

The observatory is used by students, faculty, the North Shore Amateur Astronomy Club and the general public.

Wednesday Evenings: Open to the Public

With the support of volunteers from the North Shore Amateur Astronomy Club, the observatory hosts public stargazing every Wednesday night, weather permitting. Advanced registration is required. When special astronomical events of interest occur, such as a total lunar eclipse, the observatory often holds special viewing times.
Join US

Star Parties for Merrimack Students, Faculty & Staff

We run student-led star parties at the observatory. Parties take place roughly once a week, weather permitting, and the opening status each week can be found on the observatory’s Facebook page. Come and join us as we observe planets, double stars, the moon and deep space objects, such as galaxies and nebulas. The entire Merrimack community – students, faculty and staff – are welcome.

News: Northshore Magazine Profiles the Observatory

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