Physics Faculty Research

Physics Faculty Research

Catch up with research from the physics department at Merrimack College.

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Dr. Christopher Duston

In this study, we used archival supernova data from a publicly available database to look for a blue excess in the early light curves of SN Ia. This blue excess represents a simple proposed method to differentiate between single- and double-degenerate formation scenarios. Our search found 2 candidates out of 40 SN Ia, and including selection effects implies an upper limit of ∼50% of the supernovae in the sample originated in a binary with a non-degenerate companion.

Dr. Craig Looney

A lightboard is a device for producing high-quality instructional videos, in which the presenter writes with neon markers on a pane of glass or plexiglass rimmed with LED lights while facing the camera; when done well, the presenter appears to be writing in the air.  This poster will describe an inexpensive (under $1000) DIY lightboard build that – in conjunction with often-overlooked technical considerations – delivers HD video quality comparable to that of much more expensive institutional builds or commercially available systems.  The essential technical considerations, including but not limited to camera settings and lighting, can be addressed at very low cost and are potentially relevant to all lightboards regardless of budget.