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Canvas Makes Quality Course Design Easy

Technology should enhance teaching and learning, not get in the way. Using Canvas, you will have more time to focus on what really matters as a faculty member at Merrimack College. 

Setting Up Your Canvas Course in Under 30 Minutes

First, learn how to design and manage your course in Canvas. Then, like all master teachers, we encourage you to continuously seek inspiration from Canvas Commons, the Innovation Hub, the CETL and your colleagues to level up your teaching and learning.

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Canvas Migration Timeline

The migration to Canvas is underway with a group of faculty-led Spring 2022 courses operating in Canvas and all Spring II Meteor courses this March. Beginning in Summer 2022 all courses will be launched in Canvas. The CETL will support you at every step of the way during this migration and offer virtual and in-person training opportunities and resources from February through Summer 2022. Please reach out to the with any questions.

  • Spring 2022
    • Faculty Pilot Group teaching in Canvas
    • Spring II Meteor courses in Canvas
    • Training / Workshops available for Meteor course faculty
  • Summer 2022
    • All Summer courses will be taught in Canvas
    • Training / Workshops available for all Merrimack faculty
  • Fall 2022
    • All Merrimack College courses will be taught in Canvas
    • Training / Workshops available for all Merrimack faculty

Canvas for Faculty - Frequently Asked Questions

I teach with Google Classroom. What does the migration mean for me?

Summer 2022 courses are now available on your Canvas Dashboard ready for you to begin building your course. Google Classroom faculty will need to build their courses in Canvas from the ground up, as we cannot migrate data from this application to Canvas. Check out the Canvas Guidebook for more information. CETL will assist faculty in this process.

I teach with Blackboard Ultra. What does the migration mean for me?

Blackboard Users (Meteor Partnered): Summer 2021 courses are in the process of being copied to your Summer 2022 Canvas course. Meteor will be editing your Summer 2022 courses and will notify you when they are ready for your review.

Blackboard Users (All Others): Summer 2021 courses have been migrated from Blackboard to Canvas and will appear on your Dashboard shortly.You have the option to build a course from the ground up in Canvas or copy your migrated Blackboard course into the Summer 2021 course you are teaching. This video demonstrates how to import your Summer 2021 course into your Summer 2022 course. Once the import is complete, you are ready to edit your course.

Will all of my Blackboard Ultra content be migrated into Canvas?

Content Item Import Notes
Announcements Review and edit if needed.
Assessments These will transfer and be located in the Quizzes section of Canvas. Only multiple choice, fill in the blanks, essay, matching, numerical and formal will transfer. If not supported by Canvas, the question becomes a text-only question. Review settings.
Assignments Review settings and edit if needed.
Audio/Video Content Check links to ensure working.
Blogs Re-create as a discussion board.
Content Folders Folders come over as modules. Edit text descriptions.
Content Items Edit description if needed.
Discussion Boards Only discussion prompts will transfer over, no student posts or replies. Edit as needed.
Files PDF, PPTX, DOCX, XLSX, JPG, etc.
Gradebook Review and remove unnecessary groups for example blogs, journals, weighted total, etc.
Groups and Group Tools Recreate
Journals Re-create as an assignment.
Panopto Videos Relink if needed in the rich content editor.
Publisher Links Relink
Rubrics built with Bb rubrics tool Must search within the course and attach to the assignment. PDF or Word rubrics will copy over with all other content.
Third Party Tools (LTI) Relink
Scorm Edit as needed.
Weighted Grades Review and edit as needed.

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