Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Mobile Merrimack

Investing in Student Success

Mobile Merrimack is transforming the student experience through the integration of technology in our teaching, learning, and campus design.

Mobile Merrimack brings 24/7 learning, anytime and anywhere, to the Merrimack community and enhances the overall student experience through:

  • Promoting collaboration and creativity
  • Increasing communication and in-class participation 
  • Advancing workplace skills
  • Fostering sustainable practices
  • Reducing education costs

Recognized as an Apple Distinguished School in 2018 and again in 2021, Merrimack is inspiring the next generation of creative and thoughtful problem solvers. Moving from the classroom to the workplace, in healthcare, business, technology, education and other fields, our students are well positioned for their future careers.

As part of its mobile initiative, all faculty and undergraduate students are equipped with an iPad, Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard, and case.