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Department of Communication and Media

Students from the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences visit NESN studios.Students from the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences visit NESN studios.

Department of Communication and Media

Fusing Critical Theory, Real-World Practice

The Department of Communication and Media offers a major and a minor that emphasizes the merging of critical theory and real-world practice.

Communication and Media strives to turn students into critical creators through the exploration of a variety of topics related to health, sports, mass media, and the environment, among other areas of interest, while encouraging experiential education through media production courses, internships, study abroad opportunities, and career guidance. 

The study of communication and media at Merrimack provides students with an interdisciplinary perspective that embraces the framework of the liberal arts. Merrimack and the liberal arts tradition ensure that students will have a clear understanding of the way communication impacts every facet of our lives, from self-expression and our relationships with friends and family members to democratic compromise, and the creation and global circulation of cultural artifacts. Students majoring in Communication and Media at Merrimack will understand communication and media as essential to all of society’s major issues, concerns, and values.

The Communication and Media program offers:

  • An interdisciplinary perspective that embraces the framework of the liberal arts, orienting the student in both humanities based and social science-focused communication studies.
  • A core curriculum that extends through all major areas of the study of communication while maintaining the latitude for individual exploration through electives.
  • The opportunity to construct one’s own curriculum based on personal interests that may include environmental, organizational,  visual, intercultural, health, and mass communication.
  • A program design that enables the graduate to incorporate both professional expertise for starting their careers and academic excellence for graduate study. 
  • A nationally recognized faculty devoted to both teaching and scholarship.
  • Video and audio production spaces the connect students with the digitized formats used in current media production operations.

The Communication and Media major is designed to build a foundation upon which a student may pursue either future study or professional work in law and politics, media organizations, education, business, technological industries, health care, or social services.

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Jacob Turner

Chair & Associate Professor
Comm Arts & Sciences



Samantha Bruno 

Dept. Administrator

Comm Arts & Sciences