Honor Society

Lambda Pi Eta (LPH) is the National Communication Association’s official honor society at four-year colleges and universities.

lambdaAs an accredited member of the Association of College Honor Societies, LPH has active chapters at four-year colleges and universities worldwide. LPH represents what Aristotle described in “The Rhetoric” as three ingredients of persuasion: logos (Lambda), meaning logic; pathos (Pi), relating to emotion and ethos (Eta), defined as character credibility and ethics.

LPH recognizes, fosters and rewards outstanding scholastic achievement while stimulating interest in the communication discipline.

Merrimack College Chapter


Schuyler Watkins, President
Bridget Gilroy, Vice President
Emily Crawford, Secretary
Mary Unis, Treasurer


Jessica Bednarczyk
Emily de Lacoste
Brittany Eisenhauer
Christine Hayek
Sam Nunes
Marissa Osgood
Ashley Schena
Jonathan See
Kali Tudisco
Casey Willcox