The department of biology welcomes students from many academic backgrounds into our program.

Students from a host of majors, including business; psychology; chemistry; communication and media; criminology; environmental studies and sustainability; health sciences; and sociology have chosen to minor in biology. You might also consider double-majoring with a B.A. degree in biology.

Minor Requirements

The biology minor requires you to complete a total of five biology courses, as follows:

Complete Both

BIO 1027*

Principles of Biology I 
BIO 1028  Principles of Biology II

* You may substitute (BIO 1025) Introduction to Biological Sciences  

Complete One or Both

BIO 2010 Ecology
BIO 2018 Genetics

Complete One or Two

BIO Upper-level elective of your choosing
BIO Upper-level elective of your choosing

Note: This excludes courses such as (BIO 1106) Human Biology and (BIO 2009) Environmental Biology that are designed for nonmajors. Many upper-level biology courses have prerequisites such as genetics, ecology or chemistry. Please consult with your biology adviser when deciding on courses to take.