Meet Your Major

As a computer science major, you’ll gain knowledge and skills that will set you on the path to a rewarding and lucrative career. 

In our program, you’ll focus on theory, algorithms and applying computing concepts. In addition to learning about software development and hardware design, you’ll explore networks, graphics, programming language and artificial intelligence.

You’ll also delve deeply into a particular field within the general computer science curriculum by choosing from one of our five concentrations.

Hands-On Learning

We offer many ways for you to gain practical, real-world experience while earning your degree. You can take advantage of our internships, which enable you to apply what you’re learning in the classroom to actual work situations — while getting paid. Internships are usually offered during the summer or fall or spring semester, and most students who participate in one graduate after five years with one year of practical experience and some spending money.

Directed Studies and Research projects examples:

  • Terrain  modeling
  • Big data record analysis
  • Text analyses

You may also choose to work on directed studies and research projects. Recent projects graduates have worked on include:

  • a facial recognition app for roll calls
  • game development
  • functional encryption projects.

Career Options

As a computer science major, you’ll be well equipped to pursue studies in the field or to begin your career. Some of our graduates have worked in the following positions:

  • Associate Consultant, RayBeam Corporation
  • Front End Developer, Silver Tech Inc.
  • Infrastructure Project Manager, Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Software Engineer, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • Software Engineer and Scrum Master, Fidelity Investments
  • Senior Software Engineer, Dynamic Research Corporation

What You’ll Take

Satisfying the requirements for the major in Computer Science includes completing a minimum of 62 credits in the major and cognate courses.  The five CSC core courses must be taken at Merrimack, no transfer credit (except advanced placement credit will be accepted.

Required Courses
(All Concentrations)

CSC 1610 Problem Solving with C++

CSC 2620

Object-Oriented Programming

CSC 2710

Analysis of Algorithms I

CSC 2820

Data Structures

CSC 3320

Operating Systems

MTH 1217

Calculus I

MTH 1314

Discrete Mathematics

Additional Course Requirements by Concentrations

  • Each concentration requires nine, 4-credit courses.  For each of the concentrations, students may replace one of the electives with CSC4815 - Directed Study.
Software Engineering Concentration

This concentration focuses on software development, theory, and algorithms.  It prepares students for jobs in software development and design, as well as continued graduate study. 

Required Courses (complete all)

CSC 3555 Theory of Computation

CSC 3810

Database Principles

CSC 4720

Computer Architecture

CSC 4910

Computer Science Capstone

CSC 5120 Programming Language Principles

Electives (select four)

CSC 3335

Artificial Intelligence

CSC 3720

Numerical Analysis

CSC 5030

Analysis of Algorithms II

CSC 5055

Network Security I

CSC 5210

Computer Graphics

CSC 5155

Cryptography I

CSC 5935

Data Networking

CSC 5995 Data Mining

Cryptography and Security Concentration

This concentration focuses on the development and analysis of secure systems, software, and networks.  It prepares students for careers as security experts both in the public and private sectors, as well as continued graduate study.

Required Courses (complete all)

CSC 3555

Theory of Computation I

CSC 4910

Software Engineering

CSC 5055 

Network Security I 

CSC 5056

Network Security II 

CSC 5155 

Cryptography I

CSC 5156 

Cryptography II 

CSC 5935 

Data Networking 

Electives (select two)


Database Principles


Data Mining


Topics in Mathematics

POL 3541

Cyber Security:  Intersection of Technology and Policy


Mobile and Web Development Concentration

This concentration focuses on areas of website and mobile application development with an emphasis on design and databases.  It prepares students for careers in web services, technology, web design, web management, and mobile application development.  

Required Courses (complete all)

CSC 3500 Web Development II

CSC 3600

Mobile Application Development

CSC 3810

Database Principles

CSC 3950

Web Development I

CSC 4910   

Computer Science Capstone

FAA 2830

Layout Analysis and Construction

Electives (select three)

CSC 5055

Network Security I

CSC 5935

Data Networking

FAA 2840  

Image Making and Meaning

FAA 2860

Graphic Design I

FAA 3830

Visual Web Design

FAA 3890

UX Design

Computational Mathematics Concentration

This concentration prepares students for careers in modeling the behavior of complex systems such as weather patterns, the spread of disease, animal behavior, and finance, among others. It also prepares students for continued graduate study. 

Required Courses (complete all)

CSC 3555

Theory of Computation I

MTH 1218

Calculus II

MTH 2219

Calculus III

MTH 2220

Differential Equations

MTH 2644     

Combinatorics and Graph Theory

MTH 3701

Modeling and Simulation

MTH 3725

Numerical Analysis

Electives (select two)

CSC 5030 Analysis of Algorithms II

CSC 5155

Cryptography I

CSC 5210

Computer Graphics

MTH 3335

Linear Algebra

MTH 4336

Abstract Algebra