Why Study Mathematics?

We use math to describe, quantify, understand and predict phenomena in our world.

It helps us represent — and resolve — all sorts of questions having to do with time, quantity, distance, shape and change. Whether your goal is to design a bridge, create a new molecule or model climate change, mathematics will help you investigate and make sense of the world. 

We’ll teach you the tools and concepts you’ll need to recognize patterns, construct proofs, model and solve complex problems and use technology. With a degree in mathematics, you’ll be well prepared for further study in this or a related field, as well as for a career in government, business, industry or education.

Mathematics students.

Why Merrimack?

  • Small class sizes in upper-level courses mean personal attention.
  • Upper-level research projects, seminars and directed studies allow you to pursue specific interests.
  • Math ClubMath Team and the Pi Mu Epsilon offer social and learning opportunities outside the classroom.