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Math has been called the “Queen of the Sciences,” and for good reason.  We all use math every day!

Math, at heart, is about finding patterns in the world around us, studying them by making conjectures, and then proving them.  These patterns could be about numbers, but there is much more than that.  When an airline company needs to plan its flight routes across the country, they need to find a mathematical pattern.  When an artist wants to make a sculpture or painting that uses symmetry (say, of the human body, or a tree, or a cube), that symmetry will follow a mathematical pattern.  When a chemist needs to understand how different molecules will fit together to form chemical bonds, a mathematical pattern will govern how this works.  When a lawyer makes an argument to a jury or reads a legal document, a pattern of logic will be behind the scenes, making it work.

The Mathematics major at Merrimack College prepares students for a wide range of opportunities, including careers in government, industry, education, and further study in graduate school. 

  • Chemistry and microbiology students left their classrooms for a field trip to a New Hampshire winery recently where they learned how vintners put science to work making a nice shiraz or merlot.
  • While playing Fantasy Football two years ago, mathematics professor Michael Bradley noticed how he was using statistics for his own team. He considered how this could be integrated into a statistics course to learn the fundamentals and began brainstorming.
  • Merrimack College Mathematics Department received approval for a Pi Mu Epsilon Chapter on campus.  Pi Mu Epsilon is the national mathematics honor society which is celebrating its 100th year in existence this year.

Math Team

The Math Team is a group of 8-10 students who compete in mathematical problem-solving competitions against teams from other colleges (about 5 competitions throughout the year). We also run our own annual Merrimack College Math Contest for teams of students and faculty members. The Math Team meets one afternoon a week to practice solving interesting math problems and to plan for our competitions.

Math Club

The Math Club serves as a way to bring a new and interesting spin on mathematics. Students and professors alike join together, generally once a month, for pizza and discussion. 

Visit the Math Center!

Located on the third floor of the McQuade Library, the Mathematics Center is a walk-in center for help with any questions you may have in mathematics. Trained peer tutors and a professional tutor are always on duty to provide one-on-one or small group assistance with understanding the concepts and techniques taught in class.

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