Associated Organizations and Clubs

At Merrimack, we have a variety of organizations and clubs where you can meet other math students, compete in problem-solving contests and more.

Helpful Links

Mathematics Placement Assessment

The Mathematics Placement Assessment is designed to see how prepared you are for college level mathematics. Most students have to take this before enrolling in a math course. The goal is to determine your level, so you don’t sign up for a course that’s too easy or too hard.


Dr. Donald A. Kearns Memorial Award

This cash award of $500 is given annually to a junior math major who is a person of character and integrity, demonstrates leadership qualities and has a good sense of applied study. The award recognizes the contributions of Dr. Kearns, who founded the Department of Mathematics and mathematics major in 1959. In addition to serving as the first chair of the department, he enriched our community through his teaching for almost four decades. Dr. Kearns’s family established this award after his death in 2006. Applications are available in March of each year in the department office.

Contact: Dr. Michael J. Bradley