Associated Organizations and Clubs

Math Club

  • Socialize with other math majors and minors.
  • Participate in monthly activities and events with free pizza. Recent group activities have included origami, Sudoku, candy sharing, math and music, Rubik’s cube, Zometool, Sophie Germain play and more.
  • Attend math conferences.

Math Team

Meets for weekly practice sessions and sponsors the “Math Problem of the Week.” The club runs an annual E = mc2, the Merrimack College Math Contest, and competes in regional and national problem-solving competitions.

The Tutoring and Math Center

  • Provides free tutoring 37 hours per week.
  • Opportunities for students to work as paid peer tutors and to receive tutor training leading to nationally recognized certification by the CLRA.
  • A gathering space for math majors and minors.

SIAM and Pi Mu Epsilon

We also are involved with the student chapters of SIAM, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and Pi Mu Epsilon, the national mathematics honor society.