Advisors List

Advisors List

We strongly recommend that you schedule an advising appointment as soon as possible.

What Happens at an Advising Appointment

  • You’ll receive advising in your academic area.
  • You’ll review your preliminary transfer credit evaluation.
  • You’ll discuss your academic schedule. This step is required to be cleared for course registration.

How to Schedule an Appointment

You may schedule an appointment by either:

  1. Pre-registering online for a Monday or Wednesday appointment.
  2. Directly contacting the advisor below who is associated with your major.

Advisors By School

Girard School of Business

Christina Tarpy, Advisor

Winston School of Education and Social Policy

Education and Human Development Majors

Daruenie “D” Andujar – Academic Advisor
978-837-5457 |

Criminology and Criminal Justice Majors

Kathleen Burns – CCJ Advisor & Program Coordinator
978-837-5563 |

School of Arts and Sciences

Gail Picillo, Assistant Dean for Student Advising & Services
978-837-5056 |

Lauri Gibbons, Assistant Dean for Student Advising & Services
978-837-5284 |

School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Christina Soto – Assistant Dean for Student Advising & Services
978-837-5339 |

School of Engineering and Computational Sciences

Computational Sciences (Computer & Data Science Majors)

Olivia Lombardo, Academic Advisor
978-837-5358 |

Engineering Majors

Kathleen Makiver, Senior Advisor
978-837-5464 |

Additional Contacts

Undergraduate Admission

Jim Cristiano, Director of Admission for Transfer Students
978-837-5411 |

Registrar’s Office

978-837-5344 |

Academic Success Center