Advisors List

Advisors List

We strongly recommend that you schedule an advising appointment as soon as possible.

What Happens at an Advising Appointment

  • You’ll receive advising in your academic area.
  • You’ll review your preliminary transfer credit evaluation.
  • You’ll discuss your academic schedule. This step is required to be cleared for course registration.

How to Schedule an Appointment

You may schedule an appointment by either:

  1. Pre-registering online for a Monday or Wednesday appointment.
  2. Directly contacting the advisor below who is associated with your major.

Advisors By School

Girard School of Business

Kim Valente, Asst. Dean for Student Advising & Services

Winston School of Education and Social Policy

Education and Human Development Majors

Daruenie “D” Andujar – Academic Advisor
978-837-5457 |

Criminology and Criminal Justice Majors

Jacqueline Gillette – Academic Program Specialist
978-837-5165 |

School of Arts and Sciences

Gail Picillo, Assistant Dean for Student Advising & Services
978-837-5056 |

Lauri Gibbons, Assistant Dean for Student Advising & Services
978-837-5284 |

School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Christina Soto – Assistant Dean for Student Advising & Services
978-837-5339 |

School of Engineering and Computational Sciences

Computational Sciences (Computer & Data Science Majors)

Hailey Frosolone, Academic Advisor
978-837-5145 |

Engineering Majors

Kathleen Makiver, Academic Program Coordinator
978-837-5464 |

Additional Contacts

Undergraduate Admission

Jim Cristiano, Director of Admission for Transfer Students
978-837-5411 |

Registrar’s Office

978-837-5344 |

Academic Success Center

Student Life