Corporate Engagement

The Office of Corporate Engagement is committed to working with corporate, industry and business leaders to form beneficial partnerships.

Partnership. Talent. Impact.

Merrimack offers a wide variety of opportunities to bring together industry and academia.



When you partner with us you will have access to unique, customized and comprehensive engagement opportunities that ensure your involvement with Merrimack College is value-added and visible, both on campus and in the marketplace. Join the growing number of Fortune 500 companies that utilize Merrimack’s resources to achieve your company’s strategic needs and objectives.

The O’Brien Center for Career Development is your connection to talented students who will meet your hiring and project needs.

Merrimack provides custom training and education programs to enhance the professional skills and capabilities of your employees.

Establish a presence on campus and increase your visbility at Merrimack with our marketing and sponsorship opportunities.

Support your company's philanthropic goals by advancing Merrimack College's mission and helping our students.


In a competitive, unpredictable marketplace, Merrimack College’s innovative mindset combined with a personal approach to partnerships can help accelerate your path to success and keep your business moving forward.

Merrimack College is one of the fastest-growing educational institutions in the country. From access to the largest collection of student talent in our history to skills-based custom education for your employees, there is no better time to align your brand with that of Merrimack College.

Join us to create, innovate and move forward together to make a lasting impact on your business – for the better of the community and the world.


Partner Spotlight: PwC

“We are consistently impressed with the combination of academic and professional skills that Merrimack College students bring to the table. Merrimack does a great deal of work to prepare students for the working world and it shows. We’ve had some interns continue on as full-time employees and excel here at PwC. Often it is the case that these same students return to campus to give back to students who are looking for career direction and guidance.”

— Robert Sciaudone ’93, Partner, PwC

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