Merri and KiwiBot outside on campus.

Only at Merrimack…

 The Merrimack community is truly unlike any other. We know, we know…EVERY school says that. But, here at Merrimack, you’ll find things you just won’t find at any other college— like a 6-lane bowling alley in the basement of a church. Or, KiwiBots delivering you food from all the way across campus! And, how could we forget our full-time comfort dog, Merri?! There are just so many things that make Merrimack special and unique. We asked Warriors what they think of when they hear “Only at Merrimack…” check out their answers below!

Only at Merrimack...

“…will you see a line out the door of the Sak for stuff-a-bear half an hour before it starts!” Rebecca Needleman ‘23

“…will you ALWAYS see a friendly face waving hi to you, wherever you go!” Elina Khoury ‘24

“…can you grab food from the Warrior’s Den on your late-night weekend walk.” Olivia Piazza ‘23

“…will someone hold the door open for you, despite being 100 feet away from you.” Sophie Long ‘23

“…will the highlight of your day be bumping into Debby from Sodexo in Sparky’s.” Abby Shea ‘24

“…will you see a line of students waiting outside the Warrior’s Den for chicken wings.” Alianna Olivier ‘25

“…will seemingly every student use a scooter or an electric bike to get to class.” Stella Benedetto ‘25

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