What Does Rolling Admission Mean?

Even though it’s summer, we know you’ve had a lot going on—like getting through the academic year, balancing work, extracurricular activities, family responsibilities and a social life! That’s why we offer rolling admission. Let’s break down what rolling admission means and why some students decide to take advantage of it! 

What is rolling admission? Rolling admission means that applications are reviewed as they are completed and decisions are released when they’re ready. In other words, you can submit your application at any time and receive a decision at any time. At Merrimack, this period is February–August but some schools are rolling admission the entire time.

So, what’s the benefit? Students find rolling admission to be less stressful and more flexible. When you apply for rolling admission at Merrimack, you won’t wait any longer than two weeks to hear back from us with your admission decision. It eases a lot of nerves that come along with applying to college, and you’ll have more time to: 

  • Work on your application and put your best foot forward
  • Get your grades up if you’re struggling in a class 
  • Take on extracurriculars or activities to boost your resume 
  • Make back-up plans in case you are unhappy with your Early Decision/Early Action results  

And, the downside? Since applications are reviewed as they are completed, there’s no guarantee of exactly when/what day you’ll hear from us regarding your decision.  

What are some reasons people take advantage of rolling admission after May 1?

  • They attend Orientation at their chosen school and realize it’s not for them
  • They discover a new major they want to pursue instead
  • They receive their first bill and realize the finances are not going to work
  • They want to be closer or farther away from home
  • Something in their life (work, family, relationship etc) has changed

It is perfectly OK to change your mind, change your major or change your plans! No matter the reason, we just want you to know there are options so you don’t feel stuck in a situation that isn’t working for you anymore. 

We are reviewing applications regularly and releasing decisions weekly. No app fee, no test scores, no extra essays and automatic scholarship consideration! 


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NEACAC College Fair

Sunday, May 5, 2024 
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The Office of Admission is excited to announce that Merrimack College will be hosting a NEACAC College Fair on campus this spring! Join us in Lawler Rink within the Merrimack Athletics Complex on May 5th from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. Fairs are free and open to the public!

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