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How to Choose a Major

Not sure what you want to study? Don’t worry! Feeling unsure is totally normal, but many students rush into picking a major because they feel like they have to. 

It is okay to apply to—and attend—college as an undeclared major! In the meantime, here are some resources that might help:

Awato: Merrimack offers a free tool called Awato that has five assessment quizzes ranging from 3 to 10 minutes long. These quizzes help identify strengths, interests, traits and other qualities to help you narrow down potential fields. Not only will you learn more about yourself, but Awato will suggest majors and careers that are a good fit for you.

What Can I Do With This Major: This tool helps you explore all the potential career paths and opportunities for a major—including some you probably never even thought of! 

Lightcast: Merrimack works closely with Lightcast Labor Market Analytics to help you explore what your major could look like as a future career. Simply choose a career cluster and major to see average salaries and openings; click “Explore Careers” to dive deeper into demand, location and more.

Discover Program: At Merrimack, we have a program called Discover that is specifically designed to support undecided students. Through one-on-one advising, specialized classes and workshops, you will be ready to declare a major by the end of your sophomore year while staying on track and fulfilling your core requirements. 

Most careers don’t require a single major and people can land in fields from a variety of different backgrounds and pathways. The secret is to take the skills you learn (data management, project coordination and public speaking to name a few!) and apply them to real life situations. 

Remember: your major is one small piece of the puzzle and it does not define your future or put you in a career “box” that you’re stuck in forever. Adults change careers just as often as students change majors!  


An estimated 20–50% of students enter college undecided, while an estimated 75% report having changed their major at least once!

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