Adam Kalogeros ’18

Adam Kalogeros ’18

Marketing & Sales Operations Specialist
iCorps Technologies
B.A., Communication and Media, 2018
What is your current job and what do you like about that position?

My current job title is Marketing & Sales Operations Specialist at iCorps Technologies.

The best part of my position is that I get to tackle a variety of different projects including graphic design, videography, animation, web design, search engine optimization and coding.

“Being an active member of Merrimack’s Film Club helped me develop my video skills, which were critical in landing my original video internship at iCorps Technologies.”

How did your Merrimack experiences (coursework, internships, research with faculty, student club leadership, etc.) prepare you for that work?

Several of the classes I took at Merrimack such as Kevin Salemme’s photography class, Professor Jacob Turner’s video class, Professor Mish Zimdar’s Television Criticism class, Professor Lisa Glebatis Perks’ Humor and Media writing class, and Dr. Tollison’s help as my advisor, all played instrumental roles in helping me develop the skills needed for this position.

Being an active member of Merrimack’s Film Club also helped me develop my video skills, which were critical in landing my original video internship at iCorps Technologies.

Do you have any particularly fond memories of Merrimack to share?

There are honestly too many fond memories to pick just one, but I really loved working in the Media Center my senior year. I got to see my friends in the Communication department a lot more, along with seeing all of the amazing professors!

Film Club

Adam participated in Merrimack’s Film Club. The club typically sponsors screenings and lectures during the academic year, as well as an on-campus film festival during the spring semester.

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Communication and Media Major

Adam majored in communication and media where he learned how communication and media play a fundamental role in how we understand each other and organizations.

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Student Organizations

You’ll have access to a number of student organizations to get hands-on learning opportunities, including MCTV, WMCK Radio and the Media Center.

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