Amanda Alcox

M.A., Communication, 2024
Current Job: Program Coordinator
Merrimack College for MINTS (Merrimack Institute for New Teacher Support)

Double Warrior Continues Her Education to New Heights

Amanda Alcox is a double warrior, graduating in 2019 from the human development program and earning her master’s degree in higher education in 2021. Currently working as the program coordinator at Merrimack College for MINTS (Merrimack Institute for New Teacher Support), Amanda was seeking to gain additional communication skills that could be used for her work as a program coordinator. In her current role, Amanda works with new members of the teaching community to provide developmental opportunities, offer guidance and support. “Currently, I do a lot of event planning, so learning new ways to innovate, advertise and promote my events via social media will only help my work with MINTS grow and thrive. In this program, I’m learning so many new techniques when it comes to writing, digital work and community outreach.”

In so many aspects of life, we hear the phrase “communication is key.” You can never go wrong with an advanced degree in this field because it can support and complement almost any past degree or current work. Plus, in this master’s program, you will get to learn from knowledgeable, creative and personable professors and alongside kind, eager and fun classmates.

In addition to applying the skills Amanda is learning to her current career, she is also appreciative of how convenient Merrimack makes it to obtain a master’s degree while working. “The communication master’s program has a large variety of electives and the structure offers a lot of flexibility, especially for someone like me who works full-time.” At Merrimack College, our faculty will work with you throughout your graduate program career to make a schedule that meets your needs. From start to finish, your graduate program director and advisor will provide you with the support and direction to help you succeed.