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A Community for New Teachers

The Merrimack Institute for New Teacher Support (MINTS) provides a supportive community for new and early teachers currently in the field to receive guidance, resources and developmental opportunities.

Supporting You In Your First Years of Teaching

As a new teacher, your first few years in the field are a crucial transition time and often determine your likelihood of remaining in the profession.

While you may feel confident in your content knowledge, you may lack sufficient support and preparation for other aspects of the teaching profession.

“51% of new teachers report being under great stress several days a week.”

How We Can Help

Our team provides many resources and professional development opportunities for new teachers, including:

  • Collaborative workshops, lectures and other professional development opportunities to engage you in a supportive atmosphere.  
  • An ongoing network that connects you with other new teachers and more experienced educators in the area and alumni of Merrimack’s teacher-education programs.
  • New teacher support symposiums that bring together new and experienced teachers in the field and encourage you to form connections in the local community.
  • Mentorship and resources provided by seasoned educators who offer support and feedback for new and developing teachers. 

Our Goals

  • To provide you with support, guidance and resources to ease your transition from novice to professional.
  • To encourage your confidence by promoting methods and techniques in stress reduction, classroom management and self- and student motivation.
  • To familiarize you with the responsibilities of teaching and adapting to the culture of the education profession.
  • To provide you with strategies and resources from experienced educators to create a collaborative and supportive community.
  • To increase retention of new and developing teachers in the local area.
  • To ensure that every student has a highly effective, well-prepared and confident teacher.

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