Merrimack Record

Oct. 16, 2018

Money Magazine named Merrimack College one of the 10 “Most Transformative” Colleges in the United States based on a simple concept: We make students’ futures brighter and more successful.

The Money ranking looked at where students are when they enter school and how well they do after graduation — using metrics such as starting salaries. It is a strong, independent appraisal of what we do at the College, and a validation of the investments we have made in student success.

The O’Brien Center for Career Development prepares students for that post-diploma world, with innovative and effective programs such as the Professional Development Retreats, in fall and spring. These retreats bring some of our best students to a two-day series of workshops with alumni who are at the pinnacle of their careers for discussions and how-to seminars covering all aspects of finding a job and getting ahead in their chosen fields.

This year, the O’Brien Center re-engineered our Warriors at Work program with first-year students in four majors, who have begun preparing for co-op jobs and internships to get that needed head start on the working world. Importantly, faculty are deeply involved in Warriors at Work, not only providing a solid academic base for student advancement but also calling on their personal and professional wisdom to help create a seamless program of career advising.

Our ability to explain so clearly why and how we help young men and women get a head start — with a strong foundation of academics and values, practical experience with cutting-edge technologies and personally tailored guidance on moving ahead in the world of work — continues to be the bedrock of our success. You will see and hear that from prospective students and their families at our next Open House, on Oct. 20, and you will hear it even more strongly at Commencement, from the young graduates who are not only eager but well- prepared to move up in the world.