Agenda for Distinction

When we introduced the Agenda for Distinction in 2011, we knew our ambitions were bold, our goals ambitious.

At that time, we decided that over the next 10 years we would make strategic investments in our people, programs, infrastructure and student experience to become a highly ranked, internationally respected college. The Agenda for Distinction has shaped the future of Merrimack College and provided an overarching blueprint for our achievements.

Today, Merrimack is widely recognized for quality academics and athletics. As a community, we have exceeded expectations — and sparked renewed optimism, energy and pride — by growing the student population, improving the on-campus experience, enhancing internal performance and achieving external recognition.

Now well into the second phase of the Agenda for Distinction, the college celebrates all of the success it has achieved to date. More than 1,000 new students joined us in fall 2016, a record number of freshmen at Merrimack. We have added 31 full-time faculty members this past fall, expanded our graduate offerings and modernized classrooms and laboratories across campus.

Yet, taking Merrimack to the next level requires further investments in teaching and learning so that we can provide the academic experiences to ensure that every single student can be successful.

Merrimack plans to raise $50 million through its first major fundraising campaign — Together for Good — the largest in the history of the college. This campaign is designed to ignite institutional pride and aspirations of the Merrimack community as well epitomizes the positive impact that can be made when we work together to advance the future of Merrimack College.

Envisioning the Next Five Years is a celebration of all we’ve accomplished under the Agenda for Distinction and an exploration of the institutional priorities that we will continue to fulfill.


Christopher E. Hopey, Ph.D.

President Hopey