Statement on Diversity

Celebrating Pluralism

As a Catholic college, Merrimack celebrates cultural pluralism in the church and in the world; as an Augustinian community committed to justice and peace, we affirm and accept all that is enriching and inspiring in the great variety and diversity of human culture, language and religion.

See Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative

The commitment of Merrimack College to honor and advance diversity embodies a vigilant, constructive and creative pledge to ensure that all racial, ethnic, cultural and social groups dedicated to discourse and mutual respect are full partners in our common educational quest. The unique experiences and particular perspectives of such partners in the search for knowledge and wisdom contribute to a rich interdisciplinary and multicultural curriculum.

Our focus on diversity is guided by the following principles:

  • Knowledge is best sought and acquired through experiences of cooperative, respectful and lively exchange among many cultures and social groups.
  • Any one intellectual tradition, cultural heritage, social group or philosophical stance can be enriched by creative engagement with other perspectives.
  • As an educational community committed to dynamic, active teaching and learning, our curricular and cocurricular structures and programs must ensure that diverse voices are heard and oppressed groups empowered as partners in our common journey through knowledge to wisdom.

Efforts to achieve greater diversity at Merrimack College include an institutional commitment involving:

  • A collegewide conversation to advance our understanding of the various meanings and roles of multiculturalism.
  • An invitation to departments, divisions and other college constituencies to examine how their programs contribute to diversity at the college.
  • A program to recruit students, faculty, administrators and staff in ways that encourage and advance diversity.
  • Programs of professional and student development that advance our awareness and enrich our understanding of diversity.
  • Community events that highlight and celebrate cultural diversity and intercultural cooperation.
  • Advocacy of diversity as an educational priority in the current college conversation on pedagogy.