Wellness Peer Educators

Student Leaders in Health

Merrimack College’s Wellness Peer Educators (WPEs) are student leaders who are devoted to promoting health and educating their fellow students through programming, awareness and outreach. WPEs serve for an entire academic year and are able to reapply to continue in the program for consecutive years during their time at Merrimack College.


Wellness Peer Educator
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Wellness Peer Educators assist in increasing awareness in areas around health and wellness, encouraging safer behaviors and choices, practicing positive healthy lifestyles and promoting healthy minds and bodies for students, staff and faculty alike. WPEs advocate to break the stigma around mental health and build a culture of well-being at Merrimack College.

Our Values

Merrimack College Office of Wellness Education prides itself in our values which are displayed throughout this program:

  • Openness: Constructive communication among peers.

  • Mindset: Confidence, positivity, motivation, engagement, commitment and honesty.

  • Collaboration: Empowerment and education through the use of campus resources.

  • Inclusivity: Awareness and acceptance of a diverse community.

Wellness Peer Educators are trained to help our community acknowledge that we are whole, complex and multifaceted human beings. Wellness is multifaceted and our students assist in sharing the message that wellness is an ongoing process. The Office of Wellness Education and its educators are dedicated to creating a campus culture of equitable wellness, resilience, and adaptability.


  • Participate in a two-day training session during the fall semester (required) and bi-weekly meetings throughout the academic year.

  • Participate in wellness activities throughout the academic year, including Love Your Body Week, Stress Less Week, Fresh Check Day and more.

  • Organize at least two health and wellness-related programs each academic year. Programs will be based on campus needs and focus on topics within the dimensions of wellness such as mental health, nutrition, drugs and alcohol, healthy relationships, physical wellness, etc.

  • Serve as a wellness information resource for peers and provide informal referrals for students to on-campus resources that may assist them.

  • Seek out opportunities to work collaboratively with student organizations and other departments.

  • Educate the campus community through posters, bulletin boards and social media campaigns during national awareness days, weeks and months.

  • Other duties will be determined and assigned as the program evolves.‌


  • Be a rising sophomore, junior or senior. First-year students may apply in the spring semester of their first year. We encourage first-year students to become involved by attending OWE events.

  • Be in good academic standing with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher.

  • Possess strong communication, leadership and organizational skills.

  • Be a role model for responsible and healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Be enthusiastic about educating peers on wellness issues.

  • Be a self-starter and have demonstrated an ability to work independently, one-on-one and in groups.

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