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Police Department

Motor Vehicle Regulations

Campus Parking for 2016-17 Academic Year   

The college has increased its resident-student parking space inventory by leasing 300 parking spaces at the East Mills Complex in North Andover. A shuttle service will transport resident students to and from campus. 

  • There will be no charge for eligible resident students who choose to park off campus at the East Mills parking garage.
  • Resident student on-campus parking is available in Lot K at an annual cost of $600.

Please select the category that best describes your status:

Students Arriving in Spring 2017
Commuter Students
Graduate and Professional Studies Students
Students with Off-Campus Academic Programming
Students with Disabilities
Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors 
Students at Royal Crest
Merrimack Shuttle

Students Arriving in Spring 2017

Commuter students arriving in spring 2017 can obtain a parking decal on Jan. 17, 2017 at 5 p.m. in the 47 Club, located in Deegan West. Resident students who are eligible for parking privileges may obtain a decal at the Merrimack College police station located at the rear of Monican. Please bring a valid registration; out-of-state students must also provide proof of insurance.

Parking for Seniors in Lot K or East Mills Garage

During the first three days of classes at the start of the fall semester, seniors will have the first opportunity to register and purchase an on-campus resident parking decal for Lot K or to register for the East Mills garage. The cost will be added to the student’s bill. Seniors will not have another opportunity to purchase a decal or receive an East Mills garage decal after the initial period.

Each location requires that your vehicle be registered with the Merrimack College Police Department and displays a valid parking decal or placard. All other vehicles will be subject to immediate tow at the owner’s expense. Decals and placards are not transferable to another vehicle.

Commuter Students

Commuter students must purchase a commuter parking decal. The cost is $75 per semester or $150 for the academic year, and will be added to the student’s bill. 

Graduate and Professional Studies Students

Graduate and professional students may purchase parking decals. The cost is $75 per semester or $150 for the academic year, and will be added to the student’s bill. 

Students With Off-Campus Academic Programming

Students enrolled in credit-bearing internships, co-op jobs, practica or other experiential education placements are eligible to purchase an on-campus resident parking decal on an academic year or semester basis. To obtain a decal, students must provide the Police Department with a letter of approval from their academic dean or the O’Brien Center for Career Development. The cost is the same as for resident students and will be added to the student’s bill.

Students With Disabilities

Students with permanent or temporary disabilities may apply for parking at any time through the Center for Academic Enrichment/Office of A.D.A. Academic Coordinator (Jodi Rachins,

Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors 

Freshmen, sophomore and junior resident students, as a general rule, should not expect to have a vehicle on campus. 

Students at Royal Crest

Resident students in college-provided housing at Royal Crest Estates will continue to have free parking in the Royal Crest complex. However, they are not eligible for campus parking decals nor are those vehicles allowed to park on campus.

Route 114/125 connects Royal Crest to the main campus, in front of Mendel. The crosswalk has a traffic light that can be controlled by pedestrians and is illuminated at night. Please utilize this crosswalk for all foot travel to and from Royal Crest. 

Merrimack Shuttle

The shuttle will connect Royal Crest and the main campus at scheduled times, and will also include routes and stops to the Andover train station, East Mills parking facility (including restaurants and shops), Market Basket, Chipotle and more. 

  • Beginning Thursday, Sept. 1, all vehicles in violation of the parking rules as well as the restrictions listed above are subject to ticketing and/or towing at the vehicle owner’s expense.
  • Resident parking decals are not transferrable to others.
  • Parking in Andover neighborhoods near campus requires a homeowner parking permit from the town. Andover police will ticket or tow cars without town permits.
  • Campus Lot K is designated for approved resident student parking only. All other lots are for commuters, faculty and staff. For a map of campus parking locations, please see the campus map.

Questions About Parking?

Please direct your questions about campus parking to: