Policies and Regulations

Students, faculty/staff and visitors are all expected to abide by lot designations and pay attention to lot signage when parking.

  • Campus parking lots are designated by a letter. Students, faculty, staff and visitors may park only in those lots appropriate to their decal or placard.
  • Merrimack College reserves the right to monitor lots to ensure campus-wide safety.
  • Vehicles parked in lots other than their designated area or assigned parking space at any time are subject to ticketing and towing.

Closing and Clearing Lots

The College also reserves the right to temporarily close and clear parking lots if needed to accommodate events taking place on campus and weather advisories. You should pay close attention to your emails for updates from the Parking Office and Merrimack Police Department for any last-minute changes.

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Once you are issued a permit, you must agree that you fully understand all parking and transportation rules and will abide by them.

Parking Violations & Appeals

Please take note of the following parking regulations to avoid parking violations:

  1. Vehicles must be parked in the parking lot designated by the parking decal assigned to that vehicle at all times.
  2. Vehicles parked in assigned parking spots in lot K without the corresponding decal will be towed immediately at the vehicle owner’s expense.
  3. Vehicles parked in lots anywhere on campus without the corresponding decal for that lot will be ticketed on the first offense. A second offense will result in the vehicle being towed.
  4. Do not drive or park on any sidewalk, service- and emergency- vehicle lanes, grassy areas or any other areas not designated for vehicle driving or parking.


To file an appeal fill out the appeals form. Please bring all completed forms to the Merrimack College Police Department located in Monican Center.

Appeal Parking Ticket

Parking Appeal Committee

Merrimack College’s Parking Appeal Committee, which is comprised of faculty/staff and students, was designed so that appeal decisions are made as fairly as possible. Upon review, the committee is not supplied with the violator’s name or vehicle information, only the reason for the issuance of the ticket & the appeal itself. Once a decision is made on the appeal, this committee reports to the Police Department, who then communicates the decision with the violators.

Parking Locations

All parking lots are designated unless otherwise communicated through the parking circulation updates sent to your Merrimack email address. The community is to abide by the temporary changes and should any additional last-minute changes be made, the community should follow instructions from the Merrimack College Police Department.

Note:  The designated lots listed below are subject to change.  If changed, an e-mail will be sent by the Parking Office to the Merrimack Community.

On-Campus Resident Student Parking
Lot K 

Commuter, Graduate and Professional Student Parking Lots
Lot E, Lot F, Lot G, Lot H, Lot J, Lot M

Faculty and Staff Parking Lots
Lot C, Lot E, Lot F, Lot J, Lot M

Visitor Parking Lots
Lot C, Lot E, Lot F, Lot M, Lot J

Please see our campus map for reference.

Email Communication

Merrimack email is the college’s official means of communication. All members of the college community are responsible for reading materials sent via electronic mail. Unawareness of officially sent email will not be accepted as a reason for failure to comply with information sent through the Merrimack email system.