Student Information

We’ve provided the following info for students who have met with an accessibility services staff member and are registered with the accessibility services office.




On the homepage, click on “Student” and use your username and password to log in.

With our new software you can:

  • See all of your accommodations and documentation.
  • Request your accommodation letters each semester.
  • Request your exam through the Testing Center.
  • Make meetings with us.
  • Set up texting alerts through our office.

Requesting Letters for Professors


Please follow the steps above to request your letters if:

  • you already registered with our office and had a meeting with one of our staff members to set up a reasonable accommodation plan.
  • your accommodation plan does not require any changes.
  • you simply need a copy of your letter.

How to Request Semester Accommodation Plan Letters through Accommodate

  1. Log in to Accommodate.
  2. Click on “Accommodation.”
  3. Click on the tab “Semester Request.”
  4. Select the semester you are requesting letters for
  5. Click on “Request Accommodation.”
  6. Click on “Review The Request” (please let us know if your Accommodation list isn’t accurate).
  7. Input for each accommodation the number of classes you are taking during the requested semester.
  8. Click on “Submit.”

If you would like to see screenshots of the process, please review Steps for Requesting Accommodation Plan Letters.

When and Where to Pick Up Your Accommodation Letters

  • If you request before the start of the semester, you may come by the Accessibility Services Office (on the third floor of McQuade Library) during the first week of classes between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to pick up your letters to give to your professors.
  • If you request after the first day of classes, you will receive an email within three business days of your request telling you when your letters are ready. You can pick them up between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at the Accessibility Services Office (on the third floor of McQuade Library).

If you need to make updates to your accommodation plan, please first arrange an appointment with one of our staff members. We’re happy to meet with you.

Email with questions or concerns.

Requesting Alternative Textbooks

Alternative Textbook Request Form

If you have been approved for this accommodation, please fill this form out at the start of each semester.

The process for requesting alternative textbooks is as follows:

  1. Make sure your class schedule is final. If you know you’re going to change a class (or possibly could), please wait to submit the form until you know your final schedule.
  2. Check online to see if there is a digital format that you can purchase or access - this is much faster and more efficient for you.
  3. Buy your books and take a picture of the receipts.
  4. Submit the Alternative Textbook Request Form for each book and press submit at the end.
  5. Email accessibilityservices@merrimack.eduwith your receipts to your textbooks.
  6. You will receive a response within five business days. That means that we will either have the PDF sent to you, or we will have contacted all the publishers to get your books (publishers might take a little longer than the five days to approve your book).

If you need help with using software for your textbooks to be accessed in their appropriate alternative format, please email accessibilityservices@merrimack.eduor see your ASO Coach for help. Additionally, please note that in many instances, a read-aloud voice will take some adjustment as it’s not always human-read.

Testing Center Requests


Extended Time and Reduced Distraction are approved academic accommodations that can often be arranged with your instructor ahead of time. This form is used after you have already spoken with your instructor and it has been determined that you will need to use the Accessibility Services Testing Center to take your exam.

Please be sure to speak with your instructor about all assigned exams for the semester. If you are using the Testing Center, you should initiate this online form one week before your exam.

To request your exams in the Testing Center, please do the following:

  1. Log in to Accommodate (login with your Merrimack email and password).
  2. Click on “Testing Room.”
  3. Click on “New Booking Request.”
  4. Select the course you want to take in the Testing Center.
  5. Select the correct date range (i.e. September 10 - November 10).
  6. When the days appear in the right column, select the day and time when your class exam is taking place.
  7. Fill in the specific information regarding your exam. 
  8. If there are any conflicts, please include that information in the appropriate section, and/or email to resolve the conflict. 
  9. Submit.

The process for every exam is as follows:

  1. At least one week before your exam, you must submit an online request through Accommodate. All students who have been approved for Extended Time and/or Reduced Distraction need to complete this online request in order to take any exams with the Accessibility Services Office. Click here for the link to the software where you will request: Accommodate.
  2. Upon submitting your requested exam booking, Accessibility Services staff will confirm your approved accommodations and submit your request to your instructor within one business day.
  3. Once your instructor has confirmed this information, you will receive a confirmation via Accommodate Software with the following information: exam date and time.
  4. You must arrive at your exam at least five minutes before the start time. We will collect all phones and smartwatches upon arrival (please leave your belongings at home, we are not responsible for any missing items). There will be a Confidentiality and Academic Honesty Policy sheet for you to sign before you start your exam.

The Testing Center is not used for taking any assessment shorter than 30 minutes. It is not in your best interest to take short assessments here, as you can miss important class time and information that typically ensues after/before a quiz/assessment of that length. There are some things that can be worked out with your professor that can be helpful (for example: taking the quiz right before class, right after class, during your professor’s office hours, in a room adjacent to the classroom). Please let us know if you have any questions.

All exams/testing must be started and completed within the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Your exam/test cannot overlap with any current classes. There is space on the request to specify if you need an alternate time to take the exam/test, if necessary.

DREAM - Merrimack Chapter

Learn More 

Studying Abroad Considerations

As you are considering this incredible opportunity, you should consider your academic and non-academic accommodation needs. Some programs and some countries follow different laws than you might expect. Please email or set up a meeting with your ASO Coach to talk through your plans and needs.

Typically, we will simply print or email a copy of your most recent accommodation letter for you to provide to your program and they will work directly with you to set up your accommodations.

Getting Involved with Accessibility Services

We are always looking for students who would like to share their story and their experience of having a disability with others. There are many potential opportunities for students who want to help share their voice. Please email us at if you are someone who wants to share your experience with others in large group settings, small group settings, via video, or in writing (anonymously or not anonymously). We would love to work with you.