Accessibility Alliance Week

Accessibility Alliance Week

Every year Merrimack College offers its annual Accessibility Alliance Week to promote a better understanding of people with visible and invisible disabilities and demonstrate what it means to be an ally.

Past Events

2021 Event

 Tuesday, Oct. 26, through Friday, Oct. 29, 2021

  • Sessions were open to the entire Merrimack College community. 
  • The 2021 event’s focus was on neurodiversity and the power of connection.
  • As part of the event, participants watched and discussed the live virtual presentations that happened at the College Autism Summit 2021.
  • Some session topics included preparing students to transition to employment, analyzing peer mentorship programs, anxiety and autism, tips for professionals in college autism support programs, career readiness conversations and supporting neurodivergent students. 

2021 Partners

Accessibility Alliance Week was hosted by the Office of Accessibility Services in partnership with the O’Brien Center for Career DevelopmentMcQuade Library and DREAM

Accessibility Services at Merrimack College

Location: McQuade 333
Phone: 978-837-5722
Fax: 978-837-5473