Careers and Internships

Internships as an Undeclared Student

Internships are available to Undeclared students at Merrimack College.

Access to a Dedicated Career Advisor

You can do an internship if you are Undeclared. Our Discover Career Advisor, Katie Fell, can help you explore different internships options to help you experience different careers. Not only can internships provide information on what career may be a great fit for you, but the more internships you complete, the more jobs you’re qualified to apply to, with confidence.

Our career advisor will also help you in other areas to prepare you for your academic journey and future career. You may:

  • Take the Awato assessment to discover your values, inclinations and interests
  • Research majors and what you can do with them
  • Build “Career Cluster” skill set before an internship based on your field or major of interest
  • Draft a resume and cover letter using templates available under the “Career Center: Resources” section of Handshake
  • Polish and finalize your resume
  • Create a LinkedIn account for your future career and LinkedIn Learning use
  • Search Handshake for internships using the targeted keywords you and your advisor have cultivated
  • Develop a networking strategy
  • Apply! (And don’t forget to follow up with each application)
  • Prepare for interviews by participating in a mock interview

“The Discover Program works really hard to help students develop ideas on what they want to do - all while showing care and compassion. Discover has shaped me into the person I want to be and I would recommend this stress-free way of finding what you want to do to anyone.”